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10 Qualities of Really Amazing Employees

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10 Qualities of Really Amazing Employees

While opinions are often like snowflakes, ask ten different people for their definition of an amazing employee and you won’t get ten totally different answers.

These amazing employees share ten common behaviors which they seem to do effortlessly. Here are those behaviors, plus advice to help you help your great employees become even more amazing.

1. They Enthusiastically Learn All Aspects of the Business

They understand they’re part of something bigger and more worthwhile than just their job, so they learn the skills to positively impact multiple areas of the company.

What you can do: Invest in training on business basics like accounting,marketing, and management and give your employees easy access to those opportunities.

2. They Help Steward the Company

They treat the company as if it were theirs, making prudent decisions about expense and opportunity. They have an ability to assess risk vs. reward in the long term.

What you can do:Be transparent, sharing your financials and philosophy to help employees make the right decisions.

3. They Generate Viable Opportunities

You don’t have to be in sales or marketing to help a company grow. Strong networkers from all divisions see company growth as a collective effort and constantly keep their eyes open for ways to more than pay for themselves.

What you can do: Make sure all your employees understand your value proposition and can easily identify opportunities. Then reward them openly for their efforts.

4. They Resolve Issues Before They Become Issues

Amazing employees find ways to proactively improve systems, creating positive change even when the boss has not yet asked for it.

What you can do: Communicate a clear written vision of where the company is going and encourage initiative so people feel safe and empowered to make change.

5. They Tell It Like It Is

Amazing employees understand that hiding bad news helps no one. They tell people what’s necessary before major damage is done, and they find kind ways to have those uncomfortable conversations.

What you can do: Foster an open communication environment where truth is not just encouraged but required.

6. They Demonstrate High Standards With Low Maintenance

Amazing employees quietly drive their own high performance. They give bosses peace of mind by performing tasks to the same high standards the leadership demands from itself.

What you can do: Set the example and the tone for high performance with minimal drama. Publicly reward those who can execute in the same manner.

7. They Grow Themselves and Others

These employees lead by example, driving their own career while inspiring others to do the same. They advance without creating animosity or resentment. They see and create their perfect future, and also bring others along.

What you can do: Encourage personal development and peer growth through dedicated group time and learning for career advancement.

8. They Research, Apply, and Refine

No one knows everything, but top employees are the ones who will learn, as opposed to the ones who think they already know everything they need to know.

What you can do: Invest time in exploration and expansive thinking. Encourage people to explore deep visionary projects with time and reward for the findings.

9. They Stimulate Happiness

Amazing employees understand the dynamics of work, life and friendship. Their self-awareness brings out their best in family, friendship and career decisions. They exude positive energy even in stressful times and share it around, making for a happier office.

What you can do: Create an environment where people can openly express themselves. Encourage them to work hard in fulfilling ways and achieve their dreams.

10. They Facilitate Amazing Bosses

Amazing employees make me grow as an employer. They know their value, and make me want to be worthy of working with somebody of such high caliber…though they are too humble to say so, of course.

What you can do: Make effort to genuinely show appreciation for employees who show the above behaviors, so people feel their value and grow to full potential. Then they will do the same for you.

Chairman & Founder of Sec Source Group, Governor of Spad Group, Chancellor of Scholare University, Owner of Angel Group.

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