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30 Signs Of True Love in a Relationship

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30 Signs Of True Love in a Relationship

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17. People love seeing you together

If you are curious about the signs of true love from a woman, watch out for your friends’ reactions when they see you together.

They may joke around that you’re too cheesy or that you’re their inspiration. If you’re still having doubts, these comments will let you know that there is true love in your relationship.

18. You accept your partner’s flaws

What is true love if you can’t accept your partner’s flaws?

We all have it, and sure, you’ve had crushes before, but when you’re in love, you’ll wholeheartedly accept your partner’s flaws.

Your partner might not look like your celebrity crush, but you love them so much that their little imperfections become cute. That’s true love.

19. Your partner is the first person you want to talk to

You’re together every day, but when something happens to you, whether good or bad, the first person you want to share it with is your partner.

When you are truly in love with someone, you can’t wait to share your news to them, may it be good and bad.

20. You’re excited to see your partner

How many years have you been together? Still, you feel that you’re incomplete without your partner.

You can’t wait to go home after being away on a business trip. You can’t stop thinking of them when you’re shopping and what you can get for them.

It’s one of the cutest true love signs to watch out for.

21. Selfishness is not present

There is ‘us’ and not just ‘me’. Remember this?

True love is a partnership and there is no room for selfishness. You no longer have the urge to think only for yourself, but for the both of you.

Sacrifices and efforts are present, as long as equality and love.

22. You work together

Hand in hand, you and your partner work your way through life’s challenges.

With your partner with you, you feel strong and invincible. Indeed, with true love by your side, you would be able to dream, believe, and claim all your hard work.

23. Money is not an issue

Money issues are petty. It destroys trust and respect. Good thing this won’t be an issue when you’re with your true love.

It’s because your relationship is more important than money.

You won’t do anything that will break your partner’s trust and you become wiser with your hard-earned money. You’re mature enough to discuss and not keep secrets.

Relationship Coach Adrian from Love Advice TV wants to share his advice about money and relationships. Watch the video to understand how to prevent money issues.

24. You share your challenges and burdens

Life isn’t always easy and full of happiness. Sometimes, you will have challenges that will test you and everything you believe in.

In these trying times, there’s one hand that will never let go – your partner. The person you truly love and the one who loves you all the same.

Together, you’ll face these challenges and you feel that you can take on the world.

25. You don’t feel jealous anymore

You feel jealous when you’re insecure, but true love gives you security. True relationship love will never give you any reason to doubt and feel insecure.

It builds and strengthens. Therefore, a person who has found their true love won’t let jealousy ruin it.

26. You won’t do anything to hurt your partner

One of the signs its true love is when you can’t even think of doing anything that will hurt the person you love. You won’t be able to bring yourself to lie, even in the most tempting situation, because hurting your true love will hurt you even more.

27. Everything in your life just makes sense

You’ve been through so much, yet now you realize that all those mistakes, all those trials in your life have led you to the person who has completed you.

Everything makes sense now, and you can’t wait to live the rest of your life with your partner.

28. Your love for each other heals

Many of us have felt broken. May it be a traumatic childhood, toxic or abusive relationships, or even career failures, you’d think that you no longer have any reason to live or even have a good life. You may have thought that your existence is a failure.

But when you find true love, you’ll realize that life is beautiful and that healing is possible. With the help of your partner, you would see your worth and learn to see that life is worth living.

29. You can’t wait to make plans

A true relationship will make you excited. You’re excited to mature, make plans, reach for your dreams, and build a family with your partner.

You see your future with this person and you’re both doing your best to make your dreams come true. Who doesn’t want to fall in love and stay in love?

30. You know you’re with the right person

You’ve felt it, haven’t you? You wake up and look at your partner.

Then, you realize how much has changed since you met your partner. You count the signs of true love in a relationship and you know you’re with the right person.


All of us want to belong and want to feel loved. We all want to feel secure and have someone who is with us until we’re gray and old.

Sadly, not all relationships work. Some end in abuse, and some in despair. Even if life is hard, know that it’s not the end.

True love exists and when you’ve found the one, you’ll know.

With a loved one by your side, the world seems to be a better place. It’s not like the problems disappear. However, the self-confidence and courage that comes with love allow you to face the world with increased vigor.

Once you’ve realized that these signs of true love in a relationship are present in yours, take time and hug your partner.

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