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8 Traits to Have a Winning Mindset

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8 Traits to Have a Winning Mindset

As in all aspects of life, there are five essential ingredients for success: passion, enthusiasm, optimism, inner strength, and perseverance.

  • Clear goals.
  • Self-confidence.
  • Positive self-image.
  • Self awareness.

As in all aspects of life, there are five essential ingredients for success: passion, enthusiasm, optimism, inner strength, and perseverance.

Winning people are those who take risks and go for their dreams and goals; that they conquer the objectives, and, at the same time, that they have the ability, innate or acquired, to strengthen themselves when something does not go as planned.

What they do have in common is a winning mind. The brain, with its two hemispheres, operates what the mind commands. He is a specialist in connecting neural networks to produce the result that is ordered. The mind is the one who directs the action, determines the level of participation of each person in the experience that is being sought, and designs the appropriate strategy, born from within and not only guided by external impulses.

The 8 Traits of a Winning Mindset

Living, thinking, feeling and acting under the guidance of a winning mind is hard and permanent work, 24 hours a day, every day. Hence, very few people succeed; and those who do, stand out from the rest. These are the features that distinguish them above the average:

  1. Clear goals. They are extremely precise regarding the objectives to be achieved; They spend a lot of time designing their purpose, and adjusting anything that throws them off course. They permanently evaluate their performance, not comparing themselves with others, but with themselves. They have a high standard of excellence in everything they do.
  2. Self-confidence. Winning-minded people trust themselves and their potential. They tend to have a high tolerance for frustration, disappointment and failure, of which they recover quickly. They know that they could be betrayed and envied, and that this is part of the game of life.
  3. Positive self-image. Self-image is the internal representation of who you are and what you want when you look in the mirror. Winning-minded people can see beyond, they know how to self-observe in depth, enhance the good and improve what they still lack.
  4. Self awareness. They maintain a very high energy level all the time, so they have a greater awareness of how they are, at all times. They have their routines for moments of total disconnection, according to their personality: doing sports, spending as much time as possible with family and friends in life, spending time in nature, meditating and reading are part of their agenda.
  5. Internal strength. Any achievement is based on a winning mindset. This principle has been acquired through trial and error, since in general conventional education does not support the emotional structure. So winning-minded people know what they need to activate inside to propel themselves without straying too far from the target.
  6. Self-determination. They are permanently affirmed in their strength and not in their weaknesses. They do not victimize themselves and go to the front without neglecting that there may be others who find it difficult to keep up. They are also skilled and quick in decision-making, a trait that leaves the environment surprised. They have unusual speed in processing a lot of scattered information; they know how to connect it and make sense of it, to channel it in favor of its goal.
  7. Self-assessment. This trait of people with a winning mind is based on trusting that they have all the necessary resources to succeed, even when they do not know how to continue, or in the face of failure.
  8. Self discipline. When they commit, they go deep. They always act in direction to achieve what they seek. They are determined and rarely hesitate to define crucial issues. They have a good relationship with the risk / opportunity factor. They are usually ordered, or surround themselves with people who help them in their high performance, to focus in that case on what gives them the most pleasure and what they do best.

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